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Interpretation of dream: Moon

The Great Mother, the darker, unknown side of Self, is symbolized by the moon. It is also symbolic of the unapproachable feminine. It has always been known that the moon has a psychological effect on the human being. In Pagan times, it was suggested that she ruled men's emotions and guarded women's intuition. Even today, that symbolism still stands. Moonlight in dreams signifies romanticism and in some cases entry into a different dimension of being. The moon has always represented the emotional and feminine self. It is the intuition, the psychic, love and romance. To dream of the moon, therefore, is to be in touch with the side of ourselves that is dark and mysterious. Often in dreams the moon can also represent our mother or the relationship with her. When the moon appears in a man's dream he either has to come to terms with his own intuitive side or with his fear of women. In a woman's dream the moon usually indicates her inter-relationships with other women through their collective intuition. You might also like to consult the entry for Planets.