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Interpretation of dream: Music

Sacred sound has always been used in acts of worship, as has dancing. Spiritually, music expresses ideas and emotions through the elements of rhythm, melody and harmony. Rhythm expresses the essential pulse of life, melody an individual sound and harmony a combination of several sounds to make a pleasing combination. In dreams this symbolism expresses man, his concerns and his society. Sacred music such as chanting, drumming and pipe playing has often been used to soothe emotions and induce an altered state of consciousness. In dreams hearing such music offers the opportunity to make such a shift in awareness. Listening to music before sleep can also heighten dream imagery. Modern day ambient music is particularly effective. Music and rhythm are both expressions of our inner selves and of our connection with life. In dreams, though in waking life we may not be musical, music gives us the opportunity to understand that connection. To be listening to music suggests that we are able to appreciate the rhythm of life and all its associations. You might also like to consult the entries for Dance/Dancing, Musical Instruments and Orchestra.