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Interpretation of dream: Oven

The oven's function of cooking represents spiritual change the transformation of raw basic ingredients or qualities into something usable. It thus suggests spiritual transmutation through the application of heat (fire). As a hollow object, in dreams an oven can also represent the womb. With its ability to change ingredients into something else, the oven can also represent the process of gestation and birth. In dreams, this can suggest the ability to transform character traits and behaviour from something coarse to the more refined. An oven is representative of the human ability to deliberately start a process of the adaptation of raw material into something that is functional. This can apply within a work situation, for instance at the beginning of a project or in personal life. The oven thus symbolizesa creative process. In a woman's dream a warm oven might signify her willingness to become pregnant or to begin a new relationship. In a man's dream it might signify positive change. You might also like to consult the entries for Bake/Baker/Bakery, Fire and Kitchen.