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Interpretation of dream: Play

From a spiritual perspective, the life that we have creates a play, which gives us the best opportunity to learn lessons through experience. If people we know are in the play we should be aware of the?drama we are playing out with them. In dreams, the play that takes place is a distillation of our experiences, knowledge and abilities. The creator in us directs the performance to enable us to get the best benefit of the information it contains. Images in dreams are put together to have the greatest impact and to make the interpretation as easy as possible. Sometimes, however, to catch our attention the unexpected occurs, which means that we have to seek explanation from a source outside ourselves. When in a dream we are watching a play, we need to decide whether it is a drama, a comedy or a tragedy. This is because we often are trying to view our own lives objectively. The content of the play may give us clues as to what our course of action should be in everyday life. You might also like to consult the entries for Actor, Audience and Theatre.