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Interpretation of dream: Pool

A pool can have the same connotations as a doorway an entry into the unconscious and our deepest emotions. A pond will tend to represent a man-made construction. Esoterically, a puddle a small body of water can be used for scrying, that is, looking towards the future as though into a magic mirror. To be looking into a puddle may be trying to decide what future action needs to be taken. In order to understand ourselves we may need to explore the pool by totally immersing ourselves in it, that is, to become involved in our own emotions. How we deal with what arises (in more senses than one) will teach us a lot about ourselves. The pool may suggest a form of cleansing, particularly of old traumas and emotions or of past misdeeds. The most potent image of that is baptism by immersion. Dreaming of a pool deals with our need for the understanding of our own emotions and inner feelings. A pool in a wood, for instance, would suggest the ability to understand our own need for peace and tranquility. An urban swimming pool might signify our need for structure in our relationships with other people, whereas a pool in the road would suggest an emotional problem to be got through before carrying out our plans. A pond might suggest the emotions associated with the workplace in that this is an environment where relationships are artificially constructed. Consult the entries for Lagoon/Lake and Water for further clarification.