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Interpretation of dream: Scissors

Spiritually, scissors can have two meanings. They can cut the Thread of Life, but can also represent unity and the coming together of the spiritual and physical. Scissors in dreams suggest the idea of cutting the non-essential out of our lives. This may be feelings we do not think are appropriate, emotions that we cannot handle, or mental trauma that needs to be excised. To dream of a hairdresser using scissors signifies our fear of losing strength and status. Scissors can also suggest a sharp, hurtful tongue or cutting remarks. Dreaming of sharpening scissors suggests that we need to be more precise in our communication, whereas using blunt scissors suggests that we are likely to create a problem through speaking too bluntly. The type of scissors may also be important. Kitchen scissors would, for instance, be more utilitarian than surgical scissors, which would suggest the necessity to be more precise. Consult the entries for Kitchen, Surgery and Thread for further clarification.