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Interpretation of dream: Vase

The Great Mother in all her glory is represented. Symbolically any hollow vessel has been taken to represent feminine spiritual qualities. The accepting, receptive, intuitive aspect of the feminine is often suggested by a hollow object such as a vase. Because of its association with the womb a vase can symbolize the potential for growth. When we dream of a vase containing plants or flowers they may also help to clarify the information we are being given in the dream. As a holder of beautiful things, any receptacle such as a vase, water pot, pitcher or urn tends to represent the feminine within a dream. Such an object can also signify creativity, and may suggest practical or emotional help in a project. If the vase is cracked or chipped our basic premise may be faulty. You might like to consult the information for Great Mother in Archetypes in the Introduction and the entries for Flowers, Jar and Urn.