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Interpretation of dream: Vice

A moral fault or wickedness is a sin regularly practised and a basic moral code offended against. Unacceptable behaviour may manifest in the form of vice in dreams. The Cardinal (principal) Vices are considered to be: Lust, Sloth, Pride, Greed, Envy, Wrath and Gluttony. Often dreams allow us to behave in ways that are not those we would normally try in waking life. Being conscious of a particular vice, e.g. sloth, envy, apathy etc., in one of our dream characters may enable us to handle that tendency within ourselves. There are obviously two meanings to the word vice. One is a tool which clamps and the other a wrong action. Dreaming of a vice in its first sense may suggest that we are being constrained in some way. The second indicates that we are aware of the side of ourselves which is rebellious and out of step with society. We may in both cases need to make adjustments in our behaviour. You might also like to consult the entry for Offence/Offend.