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Interpretation of dream: Weeping

Weeping suggests mourning for some spiritual quality we have lost. Something exuding moisture so that it seems to be weeping is often deemed to be miraculous, and this dream can appear quite often in stages of transition as we are moving from one state of awareness to another. The excess energy can be shown as a weeping plant, tree or some such image. Weeping suggests uncontrollable emotion or grief, so to experience either ourselves or someone else weeping in dreams is to show that there needs to be a discharge of such emotion. We may be sad over past events or fearful of moving into the future. It is worthwhile exploring the quality of weeping. Are we sobbing and, therefore, not able to express ourselves fully? Are the tears that we shed for ourselves or others? We may simply be creating difficulty within ourselves, which enables us to express the feelings we have bottled up. Consulting the entries for Emotions, Mourning, Tear/Tears and Wail should help your understanding.