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Interpretation of dream: Work

There may be some degree of activity of the spirit ahead. We could be being moved towards new spiritual tasks. Often what we do as a job or daily occupation bears no relation to what we consider to be our real work. Dreams can very often help us to change our situation by giving information as to our real talents and gifts. When we dream of working at something which does not have a place in our ordinary everyday lives, it may be worth exploring how we could use those skills to enhance our lives. Dreaming of being at work highlights issues, concerns or difficulties we may have within the work situation. We could be actively trying to make changes in our lives and these changes, in dreams, become reflected into the work situation. There used to be a strong division between men's and women's work. In dreams if we find ourselves doing work that traditionally belonged to the opposite gender we perhaps need to develop some of the qualities of that occupation. For instance, to dream of being an engineer might suggest we need to use precision and vision.